Antique Glass

Hand made glass.

Cames or calmes

Long strips of H shaped lead which are cut to size and wrapped around pieces of glass to joing them together to form a stained panel.  Each join where the lead meets is soldered to secure it in position.


A full size drawing of the design for a stained glass window.

Cathedral glass

Single colour, sheet glass, machine made to look obscured or distorted.


A technique using heat to join glass pieces together.


Used to fire glass paint which has to be heated to about 650oC in order for it to permanently adhere to the glass surface.

Kilned glass

Clear float glass fired to make it look old.


Lead is the metal that is cast or milled into cames used to assemble stained glass windows.  This is because it is flexible for shaping to fit around indivdiual pieces of glass, but also very strong, to provide support and to withstand different weather conditions.

Leaded light

The term leadlight is used to describe windows in which the glass is supported by lead, but is traditionally associated with the ornate windows of houses and other such works of architecture.

Stained glass

A term that is commonly used to describe painted glass held within lead cames.